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Home Incarceration

The Madison County Detention Center’s Home Incarceration Program is an alternative form of incarceration where a defendant is confined to their home instead of inside of the detention center.

HIC Director - Kyle Barrett
HIC Administrator - Malissa Davidson
321 North Madison Ave
Richmond, KY 40475
Office Hours - 8AM - 3PM
Office Phone - 859-624-4710 option 9
Cell - 859-582-6293
Email -


  • An order for Home Incarceration (HIC) or Condition of Release (Bond) must be completed and given to
    MCDCHIP before enrollment can begin.
  • An appointment must be made with MCDCHIP to place a defendant on the program to ensure that the
    equipment is available, all paperwork is filed, and fees are ready to be paid.
  • The defendant must pass a drug test prior to being released on home incarceration. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If there are stipulations that a defendant would like in terms of release such as work release, medical
    appointments, etc. the judge who signed the order must give approval before the defendant begins the program.


  • An activation (hook-up) fee and daily rate fee may be assessed. The daily fees are assessed for each day the
    defendant is required to wear a monitoring device.
  • Payments are due at every office visit

How to Pay
KIOSK - Door 068 of the Detention Center (CASH OR CARD)

Indigent inmates pay a $4.00 a day fee without a hookup fee.
Non indigent inmates pay a $10.00 fee with a $50.00 hookup fee.

AOC pretrial services will determine if the inmate is indigent or not.

  • If the defendant is more than 7 days behind on fees, this may be considered a violation of the conditions of MCDCHIP.
  • If a defendant is revoked for a violation of MCDCHIP rules, they will not be entitled to a refund. If the defendant owes a balance, they will still be required to pay the remaining debt.
  • If the defendant fails to pay the program fees, they can be removed from the program and held at the Madison County Detention Center until their case is resolved.


  • The defendant will be assigned a random color. The defendant must call the Madison County Detention
    Center at 859.624.4710. option 9 every day (including weekends) between 8:00am and 10:00am to see
    if their color has been selected. If the defendant's color is selected, they must report between 11:OOam
    and 1:OOpm
    to submit to a drug test.
  • FEES - $25.00 per drug test. Fees are due at time of testing; failure to submit payment will count as a
    failed screen.
  • The defendant may be called by MCDCHIP AT ANY TIME to report for a drug test. The defendant will be
    given two hours to report.
  • Failure to submit a drug test, refuses to take test, does not report, or fails to produce a urine sample, or
    fails to call in or is late to test, will be considered a violation.
  • The defendant must go straight to the testing center and straight home with NO STOPS in between. If the
    defendant fails to comply, they will be charged with ESCAPE.


  • The defendant's attorney must file an agreed order amending the conditions to allow them to go to any
    doctors' appointments.
  • The defendant must notify MCDCHIP at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.
  • The defendant must have the doctors' office email proof of the appointment with the time and the date of
    the visit or the defendant must bring an excuse slip from the doctor to their next office visit to show the date
    of the appointment with the time of their arrival and departure.
  • The defendant must go straight to the appointment and straight back home; any deviation will result in a
    violation of the defendant's Home incarceration and will be charged with escape.
  • All prescribed medication should be taken as the doctor prescribed and a copy of medications should be
    provided to MCDCHIP.


  • If the defendant is employed and needs to work, their attorney must file a work release order and will
    be provided with an affidavit of employment that the defendant's employer complete. Once completed,
    the defendant's attorney will present it to the judge for approval. The defendant cannot go to work until
    the judge has issued a work release order and it is given to MCDCHIP.
  • If the defendant is granted permission to work, they must go directly to work and straight home from work.
  • If the defendant is not employed but is seeking employment, they must have their attorney file an
    Agreed Order allowing them to go to a job interview. The Agreed Order must state the date, time and
    location of the interview. The defendant must go directly to said interview and straight home.
  • The defendant will be allowed to fill out applications only if the application is completed online or if an
    approved person brings the application to their house.
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